Roles & Permissions Affect Zapier Automations

When we launched our MeisterTask plan for the Enterprise - MeisterTask Business - we introduced a feature for restricting user abilities within projects, called roles & permissions.


What the roles & permissions feature provides

With roles & permissions, project admins can assign different roles to team members, in order to manage their ability to modify projects and/or tasks. The roles currently available in MeisterTask Business include:

  • Administrator who has full control over the project, meaning they can change the way sections are set up, add integrations and section actions, modify all other project properties and manage the roles and permissions of other project members.
  • Member who can manage tasks in the project (create, modify, assign, complete, archive, trash etc.) but cannot change any project properties.
  • Commenter who can view and comment on tasks, but otherwise cannot modify them in any way. When a Commenter comments on a task, they are automatically added as a Watcher and are subsequently notified of changes made in the task.
  • Read-only who can open the project and view all tasks individually, but cannot edit the project or its contents in any way.

The aim of this feature is to enable large teams to better manage the contents of their projects.


How roles & permissions affect Zapier automations

Zapier connects MeisterTask with 1,000+ other apps via workflow automations, or in their lingo ‘Zaps’. By setting up a Zap, you can send information to and from your favorite apps and automate outcomes.

However, if a member of your project previously had the rights to create new tasks, and had a Zap set up that would do so, but is then downgraded to ‘Commenter’ or ‘Read-only’, this automation will become invalid.

This will apply for any Zapier automations that enable a new task to be created in the project in which the user has been downgraded. For example, if they had a Zap that creates a task in the project every time a labeled email enters their inbox, this automation will no longer work.

As a result, we recommend that you consult your team members on whether they have any existing automations that create new tasks when deciding on the roles and permissions for your team. For example, if you’d like to downgrade one team member to ‘Commenter’ or ‘Read-only’, it might be that you would like to set up former project integrations yourself, if the integrations are still needed.

If you have any questions on whether your team members and their integrations could be affected by roles & permissions, please feel free to Contact us.

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