Google Calendar Integration

This help center article describes the integration of MeisterTask and Google Calendar, which is a pro and business plan function only. For other calendar integrations, visit this help center article. 


With the Google Calendar integration, you can connect MeisterTask with your Google account. Once connected, you can choose which tasks with deadlines you would like to sync to your Google Calendar. You can choose between:

  • All tasks assigned to you, from all projects
  • Tasks assigned to you from a specific project
  • All tasks (independent of the assignee) from a specific project


Tasks are immediately synced from MeisterTask to Google Calendar, and  appear as events on the specified deadlines. 


Changes in MeisterTask which will update your Google Calendar include:

  • Changing task names
  • Changing due dates
  • Changing task descriptions
  • Creating new tasks
  • Trashing tasks
  • Completing tasks
  • Archiving tasks


Changes in Google Calendar which will update your tasks in MeisterTask include:

  • Changing task Names
  • Changing due dates


Note: Changes to an event description in Google Calendar will only affect the calendar entry and not the task in MeisterTask. Also, creating or deleting an event in Google Calendar will not create or delete a task in MeisterTask.

Set up the Google Calendar Integration

1. Visit the integration page. click_integrations_with_arrow.PNG
2. Navigate to Google Calendar and click Add. add_google_integration_with_arrow.png
3. Click Authorize Google Calendar and follow the instructions within your Google account to complete the authorization process. authorize_google_calendar.png
4. Click Add Configuration. add_first_configuration.PNG
5. Choose which tasks from which projects you would like to sync and then click Add Configuration. Screenshot_2020-01-06_at_13.25.55.png

Note: If you choose to only show tasks from a certain project, repeat the above steps of configuration for each project you would like to add to your Google Calendar. 


Once done, you will see a list of all your active configurations in the overview on the Google Calendar page:



MeisterTask automatically creates a calendar within Google Calendar for each of your configurations. Toggle the calendars on and off to see your tasks as you would like to view them. 


Delete a Configuration 

To delete a MeisterTask calendar from your Google Calendar, go to the Google integration page in MeisterTask, find the configuration you would like to delete and click Remove

Only deleting the calendar from your Google Calendar will not remove the respective configuration. 


Remove the Integration

To remove the entire integration go to your Gmail and click your picture in the top right. Click Manage Your Google Account. In the left panel, click Security. Under Third-party apps with account access, click Manage third-party access. Click on MeisterLabs and then click the Remove access button.