Microsoft Outlook Add-in

MeisterTask for Microsoft Outlook

MeisterTask for Outlook turns your emails into tasks and automatically inserts them in the project and section of your choice. The email’s subject line will be used as the task name, and the email’s content will turn into the task description. However, you can easily edit both inside the add-in (before the export) as well as in MeisterTask (after the export).



The MeisterTask for Microsoft Outlook add-in is free and works in Outlook 2013 or later, Outlook 2016 for Mac, as well as Outlook on the Web. 

If you're unsure whether your Outlook version supports the MeisterTask add-in, please visit this site in the Office Store to find out.

If you do fulfill the requirements outlined on the page, you should be able to install the MeisterTask add-in in your Outlook version.


Connect MeisterTask with Microsoft Outlook

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to show you how to install the MeisterTask add-in in your online Outlook account - you can watch the video or follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Go to and login with your email address and password.
  2. Open the Settings Menu and select Manage Integrations.Screen-Shot-2017-03-10-at-14.49.02.png
  3. Use the search field to look for MeisterTask. Once the MeisterTask add-in appears in the list, use the switch on the right to turn the add-in on. Follow the steps to connect your Outlook account with your MeisterTask account.Screen-Shot-2017-03-10-at-14.49.38.png
  4. To open the MeisterTask add-in and turn an email into a task, select the email in question and then click on the small MeisterTask button that sits between the subject line and content (next to the Reply all button).Screen-Shot-2017-03-10-at-14.50.23.png
  5. Select a project and section for the task you’re about to create. Adjust the task name and description if needed, then click on Create Task.Screen-Shot-2017-03-10-at-14.51.20.png
  6. (Optional): Click on View in MeisterTask to open the newly created task and add additional information to it, such as assignee, due date, tags, watchers and more. MeisterTask will open in a new browser tab.Screen-Shot-2017-03-10-at-14.53.06.png


Use MeisterTask for Outlook on Android Devices

If you've already connected your MeisterTask and Microsoft Outlook accounts via the web interface, there's no need to do this again on your mobile device. But before you can start turning emails into tasks, please enable the add-in. To do this, open the Settings in your Outlook Mobile app, scroll down to Add-ins, and tap on the + button next to the MeisterTask entry.

To turn emails into tasks on your Android device, follow the steps as outlined below:

MeisterTask for Outlook on Android

  1. Open any email in your Outlook Mobile app and tap on More (the three dots below the email’s date).
  2. In the footer that opens, select Create Task.
  3. In the next screen, you’ll be able to select the MeisterTask project and section in which the task will be inserted. You can also modify the task name and description. When you’re done, tap on the blue Create Task button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. The task will appear in the selected project board right away. Switch to the MeisterTask mobile app to assign it to a team member or add tags, checklist items or a due date to it.