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Add notes to any task to quickly share relevant documents with your project collaborators. Links to corresponding notes can be seen under Integrations in the task window.

Add Notes to a Task

Add notes to tasks easily in the task dialog. To do this:

  1. Open the task to which you want to add a note.
  2. Click Add attachment.
  3. Select Note.
  4. Select one of the notes displayed or enter the name of your note or page in the search field.
  5. The note will now be displayed under Attachments.

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All task collaborators with access to the task will see the note displayed under Attachments. To define whether your team can open and view the attached note, head to the user sharing settings within the respective note. Learn more about managing access

Detach a Note

  1. Hover your mouse over an attachment.
  2. Click the small arrow in the top-right corner of the attachment icon.
  3. Select Delete to permanently detach your note from the task.

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This will just detach the note from the task. The note or page will still continue to exist.

Favorite a Note

Favorited notes or pages are marked with a star in the task window. To favorite a note:

  1. Hover your mouse over an attachment.
  2. Click the small arrow in the top-right corner of the attachment icon.
  3. Select Set as favorite from the drop-down menu.

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Share Notes via Mentions

You can link to and share important notes by mentioning them in comments or checklists. This is especially useful if you have a task with many attachments. To mention an attachment in a checklist or comment:

  1. Create a new comment or checklist item (or select an existing one).
  2. Type / , followed by the name of the note you'd like to mention.
  3. Press ENTER.

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Add Notes to Integrations

Embedding tasks in notes is a great way to streamline your work and save time. With just a few clicks, you can switch between your tasks and notes, making your digital workspace more efficient and organized.

To display your note under Integrations in the right-hand sidebar:

  1. Open the respective note or page.
  2. Link (more info) or embed (more info) the task.

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In the task window, you can see the note name where you embedded the task. This name appears under the Integrations section on the right sidebar of the task window. If you want to go back to the note you were working on, simply click on the note under Integrations. This takes you back to the original note.

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