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May 15, 2024

  • New: MeisterTask has recently introduced a new feature called "Notes" on its mobile app. Creating new discussions and adding comments in the notes is now available on the mobile apps. 
  • Enhanced: The team name is now visible on the overview (dashboard). To view it, click on your profile avatar; the team name will appear beneath your email address in the account popover.
  • New: MeisterTask facilitates efficient Scrum Teams using a Kanban Board. For more information, view the German webinar "Agiles Teamwork mit Scrum: Mit MeisterTask unkompliziert einführen."

April 11, 2024

  • New: Team admins can now disable file uploads for all projects. This means no more uploading, dragging, or pasting files into tasks, boosting security for those with strict data regulations. 
  • New: If you've invited anyone to join the team, you can now easily monitor any of your invitations that haven't been accepted yet. You can find all these pending invitations in your overview (dashboard).
  • Enhanced: Ask Meister AI is now available for everyone. Meister AI creates answers, summaries and solutions based on your notes and the MeisterNote Help Center.
  • Fixed: The desktop app and the iOS app (version 13.6.6) sometimes did not start. 

April 1, 2024

  • Changed: The MeisterTask Community has now welcomed the former MeisterNote Community. All previous discussions, news & updates and feature request regarding Notes have been transferred from the former MeisterNote community to the MeisterTask community, and can now be found in the MeisterTask community. 
  • Change: From April 1, 2024, Pro users will no longer be able to edit, save and export Custom Reports; however, you will still be able to view the Custom Reports that you have already saved. If your team needs Custom Reports, then please consider upgrading to our Business Plan. Access to Quick Reports will not change - You will be able to access Quick Reports as before.
  • Enhanced: Business users can export custom reports with up to 200 projects per saved custom report, compared to 50 projects previously. 

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