How can I comment and mention on tasks?

Collaborating on a task is easy with the inbuilt comment function.

Simply open the task detail dialog and write your comment in the designated field under "Activity".


To mention another team member, put an @ sign before their name.

When you're finished with your comment, click "Say it" or press Enter.

To delete a comment, hover over it until the little triangle button appears, click on it and select "Delete" from the menu.

In the same menu, you can also select "Edit" to edit your comment in case you made a mistake. 

All team members that are currently "Watchers" of this task as well as those you've mentioned in the comment will receive a notification about your comment. 

- Press Shift + Enter to create a line break
- You can use markdown in the comment field
- Click on the little triangle next to "Activity" to choose between showing the entire activity stream or only the conversations.