Searching for Tasks

You can search for task titles, assigned users, checklist items and much more, directly from your dashboard or from within a project.

To open the MeisterTask Search, click on the magnifying glass in the right corner of the top bar, or use the key shortcut Ctrl + SHIFT + K


In the search dialog, you can easily filter and search tasks by project, assignee, due date, and tags, or simply type a search term into the search field. 



Note: At the bottom of the search you can see how many tasks there are after the current search parameters. (e.g. 2 Results for the above search)


Available Search parameters:


  • Active Tasks
  • Archived Tasks
  • Trashed Tasks

Project: Select a Project to search all tasks within that project. 

Assigned to: Select an Assignee to search all tasks assigned to that user.

Due Date: 

  • Due Anytime
  • Due Today
  • Due Tomorrow
  • Due within a week
  • Due within two weeks
  • Due within a month
  • Due Yesterday
  • Due a week ago
  • Due two weeks ago
  • Due a month ago

Tags: Select the Tag to search for all tasks linked to that tag.


See also: MeisterTask Quick Switcher (formerly Smart Search)