Working with Sections

When you create a new project, it has three sections by default, called Open, In Progress, and Done.

Tasks can be moved up or down within a section as well as moved to another section using drag & drop.

To create a new section, simply click on the + button on the right side of the last section on the right, then enter a section title and press ENTER.


The colorful part at the top of each section is what we call a section header. Each section header features an icon, a title and the number of tasks that are currently stored in the section.

To edit the title, simply click on it and write into the editable field.


How to change the appearance of a section:

To change the icon or section color, hover over the section header until the little triangle appears, then click on it. In the popover you can select a different icon from the library or choose another color. 

The popover also offers space for a section description. This is a great way to let your team know how this section is meant to be used, and ensure order in your project board.



How to use Section Actions:

As a MeisterTask Pro user you can set up automatic actions for each section in your project board. For instance, you can automatically inform stakeholders via email when a task is moved into a specific section. 

To configure Section Actions, open the section popover and switch from Appearance to Actions, then click on Add Action. 

To see a full list of all Section Actions and find out more about how to use them, click here.


Tip: Each section also has its own email address, so you can send tasks directly to the section via email. Simply click on the blue (vcard) link in the popover to automatically get a contact entry including your email address and the section name. Learn more


How to sort tasks within a section:

With a few clicks you can quickly sort all tasks within an individual section based on one of the following properties:

  • Task name
  • Due date
  • Creation Date
  • Assignee
  • Tags

To sort tasks, click on the ellipsis and select Order by… from the list.


Please note: Manual changes to the order of tasks override the order you select in this dialog. This also means that new tasks added to the section later on are not automatically sorted according to the order you’ve selected.


Additional features:

Aside from ordering tasks within the section, you can also move the entire section and all of its tasks to another project; you can delete the section; you can complete all tasks within the section, or archive all completed tasks within the section.



There are many different ways to use sections. You can find lots of use cases in our MeisterTask User Guide