Following/Watching a Task

If you want to receive notifications and get updated about a task's progress, even though the task is not assigned to you, you can add yourself as a "Watcher". 

Watchers of a task receive notifications about new comments on the task as well as changes to the task status, such as completion. So if a task is not assigned to you, but you'd still like to stay in the loop about its progress, becoming a Watcher is the way to go.

How to Become a Task Watcher:

By default, every user who participates in a task is automatically added as a Watcher. This happens when:

- You created the task and assigned it to somebody else
- You were mentioned in a comment on the task
- You commented on the task yourself

You can also add/remove yourself as a Watcher. To do this, open the task dialog and click on Watch on the top-right side of the dialog. You are also able to add others as Watchers. You can do this by mentioning them in the task comments. 



If you'd like to get notified about all tasks in a project, you can simply watch the entire project. Here's how