Creating Checklists and Predefined Checklists

Tasks can contain an unlimited number of checklist items.

To add a new checklist item, simply click on Add Checklist Item in the task detail dialog.


Type in what it is that needs to be done, and then press ENTER.

Clicking on an existing checklist item will mark it as completed. 

When you hover over a checklist item, you will see three more options with which you can:

- Move the item to another position in the list via drag & drop

- Delete the checklist item (with X)

- Convert the item into its own task. 



Predefined Checklists

You can create predefined checklists which are stored in your account and can be loaded quickly into any task.

To create a predefined checklist, open the project settings with ( i ), click on Manage, and then switch to the Checklists tab. Here you can create and name multiple checklists. For instance, if you regularly create demo videos for new features, you can create a checklist that contains the steps you always have to go through.


Open a task that doesn't have any checklist items yet and hover over the Add Checklist Item option until you see the option to Load, then select the predefined checklist from the menu that appears.




Paste a list of todos into a checklist item and select "Split into separate items" to automatically create multiple checklist items for your list.