Time Tracking

To track the time you spend working on tasks, you first need to enable the time tracking feature for your project. To do this, click on the ( i ) button in the top bar and then click on Manage in the menu.


Open the Features tab and flip the switch next to Time Tracking, then click Done at the bottom of the dialog. 


You can now track the time spent on each task from within the task detail dialog. The button to Start / Stop Recording can be found on the right side of the dialog.


The total time tracked for a task will be displayed next to the timer icon in the task dialog.

How to Edit Time Slips

Every time you start recording, a new time slip will be created. To view or edit your time slips, open the task dialog and click on the total time tracked. You'll see a simple diagram that visualizes your tracked time within the last week, and below that a list of all users who've tracked time on this task, along with their overall tracked time.


Click on one of the entries to see a list of the person's individual time slips. Note that you can view everybody's time slips, but edit only your own.


Click on one of your time slips to modify it. You can enter the number of hours you've worked, or enter the start and end time in the From and Until fields. Below that you can also set a different date. 

When you're done modifying, click Save


You can view your tracked time on your dashboard by switching from the Notifications widget to the Time Tracking widget.


Tip: The Statistics & Reports area (available for all Pro users) offers more insights into your team's and your own tracked time. 

How to Export Your Tracked Time

Click on the ( i ) button in the top bar of your project and select Export Time Tracking from the menu. This will start the download of a CSV file which you can open using a tool such as Excel, or import into another time management tool. 



See also: How to track time using MeisterTask's integration with Harvest.