How do I use the Slack integration?

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To activate the Slack integration click on the Project Info icon next to the project title either on the dashboard or on your project board and switch to the Features tab.

Features on Project

Now click on the green Add button next to the Slack integration to start connecting your project to Slack.

Please click on Authorize your Slack account in order to allow creating tasks right from your Slack channels.

After that please choose the Slack channel and the section that should be connected. 

You will see different examples on how to add tasks in the integration dialog


Please make sure that all people use the same email address in Slack and in MeisterTask. Additionally people have to be part of the project.

Getting messages from MeisterTask BOT in Slack

You can set up an action to receive messages every time a task is added to a certain Section in MeisterTask. 

To set this up just access one of your MeisterTask projects, open the option dialog of the section you want to set this action for, and click actions. 


The following steps are easy, you just click "Add Action" > Send a Slack message > Choose channel > Done. 

Once the Slack action is saved it will be listed here.