Slack Integration

MeisterTask's Slack integration is bi-directional: Our Slack automation sends messages to a Slack channel whenever a task is created or dropped in a specific section in MeisterTask. Conversely, you can also create new MeisterTask tasks from within Slack - either by using a simple syntax, or by using a Message Action

Important: Please make sure that all people use the same email address in Slack and in MeisterTask. Additionally, all people who want to use the integration in Slack have to be part of the connected MeisterTask project. If necessary, you can change your MeisterTask email address here

How to connect MeisterTask with Slack

No matter which direction you want to go, the first thing you'll have to do is connect your project board with your Slack account. To do this, open the project and click on the ( i ) button in the top bar, then select Project Properties from the menu.

In the dialog that opens, switch to the Power-Ups tab. Scroll down until you see Slack in the list and click on the blue Add link next to it.


You will be redirected to the My Account area, where you will be asked to authorize your Slack account, and then select the Slack channel and MeisterTask section you'd like to connect (This last step only concerns the inbound integration from Slack to MeisterTask!).


When you're done, click on Install.

1. Getting Messages from MeisterTask BOT in Slack

You can set up an automation to keep members of a Slack channel informed about new tasks created or dropped in a specific section in MeisterTask.

To set this up, hover over the header of a section until the small triangle appears and click on it to open the section menu. Switch to the Automations tab, then click on Add Automation.


In the Automations dialog, click on Add Action, then select Send a Slack Message from the dropdown menu. 


You will then be asked to choose a Slack channel to connect with this particular section. Once you've selected a channel, click Done to finish the setup.

Now, every time a new task is created in this section, and every time a task is moved from somewhere else into this section, you will receive a message in your specified Slack channel. The message will contain buttons which you can click on to quickly add or edit details about the task, such as the due date, the assignee, its tags and more. 


2. Creating New Tasks from Slack

Option 1: Syntax:

You can quickly create new MeisterTask tasks in Slack using a simple syntax in the message field. The tasks you create this way will be added in the project and section you have specified during the integration setup.

To create new tasks from Slack, simply use the following syntax:


Option 2: Message Action:

Hover over a message in your Slack channel until the Actions menu appears on the right.


Click on the ellipsis ("More Actions") and select "Create Task" from the list. 


A new dialog will appear where you will be able to name the task, select an assignee and due date, add notes and more.