Zendesk Integration

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To activate the Zendesk integration in MeisterTask, click the ( i ) button next to the project title either on the dashboard or on your project board and switch to the Power-ups tab.


Now click the blue Add button next to the Zendesk integration to start connecting your project to Zendesk.

Specify your custom Zendesk domain and select a section of your project that will receive the assigned tickets (e.g. Bugs). 

Click on Install to authenticate and install the MeisterTask app on Zendesk.

A MeisterTask app will now be installed to your Zendesk agent interface:

Create Tasks from Zendesk

Click Create Task in order to create a task from an incoming ticket.

You will be presented with a dialog where the ticket information is already included and where you can add additional information to the task:

Task Dialog

When the task gets completed the ticket will automatically be updated with an internal note for the assigned agent and pop up in the agent interface.

Tip: If you want to connect Zendesk with more than one project board, you can do that using Section Actions