Exporting Projects, Tasks or Tracked Time

Exporting Projects and Tasks

To export a project and its tasks as a CSV file, open the project and click on the ( i ) button next to the project title in the top bar. 


Click on Export as CSV and then select where you want to save the downloaded file. The exported project will look something like this:


You can use this file to import your task information to other tools that support a CSV import. 

      Note: In the exported CSV we also include archived and trashed tasks. Tasks have a status (Completed, Open, Trashed, Archived etc.) and this is shown in the CSV export with an individual number for each status:

  • 1 - open
  • 2 - completed
  • 8 - trashed task
  • 18 - archived task

Exporting Tracked Time 

To export your internally tracked time, follow the same steps as outlined above, selecting the option "Export Time Tracking" instead of the regular CSV export. 

You can find more information about time tracking in MeisterTask in this article

More export options are available in the Statistics & Reports area.