Creating Tasks by Email

In MeisterTask you can create new tasks directly from your inbox, by sending (or forwarding) emails to a specific section in one of your projects. The subject of the email will turn into the title of the task, and the email content will used as the description. You can also include attachments and tags.

  • To add tags, simply write the word with a hashtag (#) in front of it into the body of the email. Please note that this only works if the hashtag already exists in the MeisterTask project board you're forwarding to.

  • Attachments can be just added as regular attachments to the email.  

To create new tasks by email, first choose the section that you want your emails to appear in. Then click on the little triangle that appears when you hover over the section title, and select Actions.

At the bottom of the dialog you will find the email address associated with this particular section. The quickest way to get it into your email program is to click on vcard. This will send an email with a vcard attachment to the address associated with your account. 


Tip: To make this process easier feel free to save the email address as a new contact and add information about the project in the name of the contact. e.g. Name: Project/Section.

Next time you have to send a quick task via email, you just type the name of the section and you're already one click away from creating your new task.