Delete a Project


Important: Once you Delete a project this can no longer be recovered, not even by support.

1. Click the project info button ( i ) and then click on Project Properties. Alternatively, you can access the Project Properties from the dashboard, by clicking the project info button next to the project title. 



2. Click the ellipsis button in the top right, then the More... button and then click Delete like in the screenshot below. 



 Alternative ways to delete a project

Alternative A:

Click on the project info button ( i ) in the top left, click the More... button and then on Delete

Alternative B: 

You can also delete archived projects.

To archive a project please read Archive and Restore Projects

1. You can access the Archived Projects from your Dashboard and delete the project from there. Click the Arrow beside the Projects and select Archived.

2. Open the project you want to delete and click on Delete this project as shown in the following screenshot.


Important: Once a project is deleted it can no longer be recovered, not even by support.