Team Members


You can add team members, restrict invitations, manage your team members and access additional settings for your team by accessing the team sections of your account. Please note that this feature is available only for PRO and Business users. 

Add Members | Manage Members

Click on your Name in the toolbar (outside of the mapview) to open a dropdown menu and access My Account settings.


The Team section includes all relevant information and settings related to your team.

Switch to the Members tab by clicking on it.


Add Members

Before adding a new member, please make sure you have enough licenses. If the number of "Remaining Licenses" is zero or negative click the "Add Liceses" button, or remove users that are not part of the team anymore. 

Add new members to your team within seconds using the link "Add User".

Or invite new team members by copying the link and providing it to your collaborators per email, Skype, Twitter, et al.




Manage Members

You can remove and edit team accounts on the fly using the Current members listing.

All members of your team are displayed here.

Team Administrators are designated by the tie icon.

Access the advanced menu to the right of your member entry to Edit or Remove a team member.

Business and Academic users can assign multiple admins via the advanced menu.