Section Actions (MeisterTask 1.0)

Section Actions are a fantastic way to automate recurring steps in your task management workflow and thus work more consistently and efficiently. Once you’ve configured a specific action for a section in your project, it will automatically be applied to all tasks moved to or created in this section.

How to Configure Section Actions

Step 1: Go to any section in your project. From the section header, open the section’s context menu and click on Actions, then select Add Action.


Step 2
: Select the action you want to apply on the section:


  • Assign Task: Apply this action to automatically assign tasks to a specific team member
  • Change Status: This action changes the status of tasks to Open, Completed or Completed & Archived
  • Move Task: This action automatically moves tasks into another project and/or section
  • Send an email: This action sends and email to a group or single recipient
  • Set or remove the due date: Set or remove the due date of a task with this Section Action.
  • Add or remove tags: Use this action to automatically add or remove tasks when dropped into a section. 
  • Start or stop the time tracking: If this action is applied to the section it starts or stops the time tracking for all tasks that are moved newly moved to the section. 
  • Send a Slack message: Apply this action to send a Slack message to any channel
  • Notify your Office 365 group: This action notifies your Office 365 group of the new task

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Step 3: If you want to apply the action to already existing tasks in the section, be sure to check this box before clicking Done.


Here’s a short video tutorial that showcases our section actions – take a look:

Section Actions are one of MeisterTask’s fantastic power features that are available in our Pro plan