Statistics and Reports


MeisterTask’s Statistics & Reports area is accessible for all MeisterTask Pro and Business users. Upgrade to Pro now or find out more about what’s included in MeisterTask’s Pro plan.


You can access Statistics & Reports directly from the dashboard. Just click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the dashboard and select Statistics from the drop-down menu.




Statistics & Reports is divided into three areas: Performance, Time Tracking, and Reports:



The Performance area shows the number of completed tasks vs the number of new tasks for a project in a certain time range. You can see the trend compared to the previous time range at a glance. Below the diagram, which visualizes your team’s performance, you’ll find a list of the top 5 users who contributed to this metric, as well as the 5 sections with the newest tasks within the timeframe.



The Time Tracking area shows the daily aggregated time tracked per project in a certain time range. You also see the top time trackers in your team as well as the 5 tasks with the most time tracked. Learn more about time tracking in MeisterTask here.


In this area you can view and export individual reports about new, completed, overdue, upcoming or long-running tasks. In each report you can either show tasks of all users and/or all projects or narrow the selection down to a specific assignee and/or project.



This report shows all tasks that have been newly created within the selected timespan. You can filter by project and assignee and sort as desired. Click any task title to open it in a new window. Switch between table and calendar layout.



This report shows all tasks that have been completed within the selected timespan. Similarly to NEW TASKS, you can filter by project and assignee, and switch between table and calendar view. This report is a great way to quickly see how many tasks a team member has completed within the last 30 days, for example.



This report shows you tasks with a due date in the past, i.e. which should have been completed by now. You can sort the list by task name, due date, or assignee.


This report shows you overdue tasks, as well as tasks whose due date is coming up any time in the future (all tasks with a due date). Try out the calendar layout on this report to get a quick overview of your workload.



This report shows you tasks that are still waiting to be completed. By ordering the tasks by their creation dates you quickly see which tasks have been running the longest and can decide on what to do with them. To change the order of tasks, just click on the little triangle next to the section headers ‘Name’ (orders task titles alphabetically), ‘Created’ (orders tasks by creation date), or ‘Assigned to’ (orders task assignees alphabetically).



All reports can be downloaded as CSV files which are easy to share, store and edit, using Microsoft Excel. To export a report, just open the report and click on the blue ‘Download as CSV’ link on the right-hand side.