Recurring Tasks

The ability to create recurring tasks in MeisterTask will be added in the near future. Until then, you can use a small workaround and set up recurring tasks through the free automation services Zapier or IFTTT.


To set up weekly recurring tasks you can use this super handy template below (Please note that you will be asked to create a free Zapier account in order to use it):


To set up recurring tasks with other intervals simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on this link to sign up for Zapier and create a new 'Zap' with MeisterTask.

Step 2: In your Zapier dashboard, click on the orange "Make a new Zap" button.

Step 3: Select "Schedule by Zapier" as the trigger app and choose an interval (daily, weekly, monthly) for your recurring tasks.

Next, select the time of day and choose whether new tasks should also be created on weekends. Then test the Zap.

Step 4: Select 'MeisterTask' as your action app and choose the action "Create task".

Step 5: Select the MeisterTask account you want to use for this action.

Step 6: Select the project and section where your recurring tasks will be added. Write the name of the task (=task title) in the field underneath. Task notes (=task descriptions) and assignees are optional.

Step 7: Test your Zap and give it a name.

That's it! Once your Zap is activated Zapier will automatically create this task for you at your chosen interval. 


To set up recurring tasks using IFTTT, create a free account on the site, then follow the instructions outlined in the video below: