Filter Tasks in Project (MeisterTask 2.0)

Using the sidebar on the right side of your project board, you can filter the tasks contained in your project to quickly find what you're looking for.

By default, the sidebar is hidden when you open a project. To toggle the sidebar, click on the toggle button in the top-right corner (located just above the project member avatars), and then switch from the activity stream to the filter view.


The following filter options are available:

Search field: Put a keyword into the search field to show all tasks that contain the keyword in their title or content. 

Assignee: Click on one of your project members' avatars to show all tasks assigned to this project member. This filter option is always available, even without having to open the filter view first.

Tag: Click on one of the tags to show all tasks containing this tag. If you click on multiple tags, MeisterTask will show only those tasks that contain all selected tags. 

Followed by: Project members are able to watch, i.e. follow, tasks that are assigned to other people. Using this filter is a great way to see all tasks you follow, but you can also filter for tasks that are followed by another project member.

Due date: Using this filter option is a great way to show all tasks that are due, overdue or about to become due in a certain time.

Status: You can choose to show only tasks that are open or only tasks that have been completed. 

Please note: Archived tasks can be searched for using the Search function (available from the top bar). 


To remove all filters and display all tasks in the project again, click on Reset all filters