My Tasks (MeisterTask 2.0)

The My Tasks widget is located next to your notifications on your dashboard. What kind of tasks are displayed in this widget is up to you. You can show tasks that are due, tasks that are in your Focus, My Checklist items, all tasks that are assigned to you, or no tasks at all, if you prefer to keep the dashboard nice and clean. 


To select which tasks are displayed in the My Tasks widget, click on the small triangle next to "My Tasks". In the menu that opens, flip the switch next to the individual task types to show or hide them.


Working with My Checklist items

Items in your personal checklist are not associated with any project. They are, however, synced across all devices, so when you create an item in My Checklist on your mobile device, it will also show up in the web app and desktop apps. 

When you complete an item in My Checklist, it automatically disappears within 5 seconds.

How to convert My Checklist items into tasks

You can convert items from your checklist into fully featured tasks. To do this, simply hover over an item until the gray triangle appears and click on it. Select the option to Convert to task, then choose a project and section for the newly created task.