Calendar Integration

Using the iCalendar integration, you can connect MeisterTask with an iCalendar-compatible calendar app such as Outlook or Google Calendar. Once connected, all tasks that have been assigned to you and have a due date will be displayed in your calendar app. 

Please note that Google refreshes subscribed calendars about once every 24 hours. This means that it can take a few hours for new tasks to appear in your connected calendar. 

How to connect a calendar

Visit the iCalendar integration page in the My Account area and copy the link that you find on this page.


The place to insert the URL varies depending on the calendar app you're using. Here's how it works in Google Calendar:

1) Open Google Calendar and click on the Settings Menu icon, then select "Settings" from the dropdown menu. 


2) In the navigation on the left, click on "Add Calendar" and then select "From URL"

3) Paste the iCalendar Feed URL that you've previously copied from MeisterTask into the field and click on "ADD CALENDAR".