Work with Sections on Android

When you create a new project, it has three sections by default, called Open, In Progress, and Done.

Tasks can be moved up or down within a section as well as moved to another section using drag & drop.

To create a new section, slide the screen to the left until you pass all the sections and on the last screen Tap the Blue plus (+) sign in the top left side.



The colorful part at the top of each section is what we call a section header. Each section header features an icon, a title and the number of tasks that are currently stored in the section.

To edit the title, section description, icon, header background, Add an Automation (Automations are available for Pro users and above) or Delete the section just tap the Arrow sign at the top right and Tap on Edit




How to use Section Automations:


As a MeisterTask Pro user, you can set up automatic actions for each section in your project board. For instance, you can automatically inform stakeholders via email when a task is moved into a specific section.

To configure Section Automations:

    1. Open the Section you want to add an Automation to and Tap the Arrow sign in the top right, then Tap on Edit.
    2. Tap on Add Automation and then on the next screen Tap the Blue ( + ) sign in the bottom right.



To see a full list of all Section Automations and find out more about how to use them, click here.