Export options in MeisterTask

MeisterTask offers a few export options. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of all the available export options found within MeisterTask.


From within the project

There are 3 export options:

  1. Export Projects and Tasks. For more information regarding this export option please check this support article.
  2. Export Tracked Time. For more information regarding time tracking and this export option please check this support article.
  3. Export Task Attachments. If a task contains 2 or more attachments, these can be downloaded as a .zip file. For more information regarding this export option please check this support article.

To find the first two options, access a project, click the ( i ) button at the top, and click the More... button


To download the attachments from a task, open the task dialog, click the small arrow next to Attachments and click on Download All.


From Statistics & Reports

MeisterTask’s Statistics & Reports area is accessible for all MeisterTask Pro and Business users.

You can access Statistics & Reports directly from the dashboard. Just click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the dashboard and select Statistics from the drop-down menu.

In the Reports section you can export the searches you make as a CSV file:


For more information regarding Statistics & Reports check this support article.


From the My Account Area

To access the My Account area, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of your dashboard and select My Account from the drop-down menu.  

In the My Account area, click MeisterTask and select Data Exports:


Personal Data Export

This exports all your data to a single ZIP file, once you unzip it the file format is in a .json. This export option is available for all users.


Activity Export

Admins of Business Teams can also do an activity export, this is used to export all your project activity data in a single CSV file. The file will include all of your team's projects, both shared and private.


Compliance Export

Admins of Business Teams also have the option to do a compliance export in order to check for compliance with corporate requirements and external regulations. The export is done in a .json file. 


For exports that are saved in the .json format you can use an external app such as Splunk for example.


Users can also find all the exports they requested in the My Account section here.