Power-Ups / Integrations

MeisterTask offers a steadily growing number of powerful power-ups which you can use to connect your projects to other tools you use.

The Integrations from MeisterTask 1.0 are called Power-Ups in MeisterTask 2.0

  • Pro users and Business users are able to create an unlimited number of power-ups. You can view a list of all available integrations on our website.
  • Basic users are able to create integrations for Harvest, Zapier and iCal.
  • Certain integrations are available for all users, regardless of their subscription level. Here's a list of such integrations:


For direct attachment uploads

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box



  • Turn mind maps into projects and ideas into tasks
  • Insert mind maps directly from MindMeister to attach them to your tasks


Basic email integration

  • Forward emails from any email client to MeisterTask


iCal feed

  • Automatically see all tasks with a due date in your calendar apps


Automation Services

  • Zapier



  • MeisterTask for Confluence
  • MeisterTask for Gmail
  • MeisterTask for Outlook
  • MeisterTask for Microsoft Teams


Set up Power-Ups

Power-Ups are always related to individual project boards, therefore each project needs to be connected separately. To do that, simply click on the ( i ) button in the top bar of the project board and select Project Properties from the menu.

In the dialog that appears, switch to the Power-Ups tab and scroll down until you find the integration you're looking for. Click the +Add button to start the power-up setup.