Use MeisterTask on iOS

This article will help you become familiar with the MeisterTask app on iOS. It includes: 

  • What is the MeisterTask app on iOS?
  • How can I download the app?
  • How does the app work?

How to Use MeisterTask on iOS

What is MeisterTask on iOS?

MeisterTask for iOS is an app that lets you collaborate in real-time with your team members and ensures that you stay on top of your projects and tasks while you're on the go.Using_MT_on_iOS_2x.png

It is a native app (as opposed to a browser-based version) and also offers offline capability. This means you can manage your tasks on the go, even if you don't have an internet connection. If you make changes while offline, they are synced with your online account as soon as you are connected to the internet again. 

We're constantly improving the app and adding new features to it, so be sure to update it regularly to get the best experience.Using_MT_on_iOS_2_2x.png

How Can I Download the App?

You can download our MeisterTask iOS app for free from the Apple App Store. The app runs on your iPhone and iPad, as well as your Apple Watch. 

How Does the App Work?

There are many articles in our Help Center that will help you navigate the MeisterTask iOS app. Take a look at this short video to see the MeisterTask Android app in action:

If you’re still having trouble…

Go to the Mobile Applications section of our Help Center.

View the MeisterTask apps page.

Contact MeisterTask Support for help.

Take a look at this short video below to see the MeisterTask iOS app in action: