Use MeisterTask for Software Development

With this article, you can learn how to use MeisterTask to manage software development projects. It includes: 


  • How to manage sections on the project board. 
  • How to manage tags in sales projects.


How to Use MeisterTask for Software Development


With MeisterTask, your development team can gain a complete overview of the status of ongoing development projects. Features such as Flowing Boards and Tags can help keep you organized and deliver your projects on time.


Create a Flowing Project Board


Your project board should represent your development process. Tasks move from left to right across the board depending on their current status in the workflow.Use_Case_Software_1_2x.png

This type of project is ideal for small software development teams maintaining a tool. An example would be the processing of customer support tickets. 

Tasks for new tickets are added on the left. Here, the project manager can assign a new task to a developer. Tasks are then moved up the queue to the Next section, where they stay until the assigned developer starts working on them. 

Tasks in Review require another person to inspect the work completed. If it is approved, the task can go to the next section, if not, it will return to the In Progress section


Manage Tags


In development projects, you can use tags to classify the type of work to be performed. These are easily visible on the task tiles on the project board. Examples include:Use_Case_Software_2_2x.png

  1. Bug. Software Bugs and Errors
  2. Nice to Have. Feature requests of no particular urgency
  3. Urgent. Tasks with a high priority
  4. Approved. This task has been reviewed and approved and is ready for the next step

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