Task Relationships

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Add Relationships to your tasks to show how individual pieces of your project fit together as a whole. Relationships can link tasks together and indicate dependencies, similarities and duplications.

What Are Task Relationships?

Task Relationships show how individual tasks in your project relate to one another. Once a Task Relationship has been added, you can more easily navigate between interrelated tasks and more clearly see task dependencies and blockages on your dashboard.


In MeisterTask, there are three types of task relationship:


  1. Related Task
    Add this task relationship to group interrelated tasks together and navigate between them.
  2. Duplicate task
    Add this task relationship to indicate tasks which are identical and to quickly navigate between them.
  3. Blocked/Blocking task:
    Add this task relationship to indicate dependencies between tasks. If completion of a task is blocked by another unfinished task, the blocked task will be marked on the project dashboard by a red blocked sign.

Enable/Disable Task Relationships in your Project


Only project administrators can add Power-Ups (like Task Relationships) to a project

Before using task relationships, you'll need to enable them in the Project settings window:


  1. Click the project name at the top of your project board, then select Project settings.
  2. Navigate to the Power-Ups tab.
  3. Enable/Disable Task Relationships.


Add/Remove Task Relationships

You can add and remove task relationships directly from any task window:


  1. While viewing your project, click on a task to open its task window.
  2. Click on the Relations widget on the right side of the task window.


  3. This will open the relationships dialog. Click the type of relationship you'd like to add, then select the other task included in the relationship.



    If the task you want to connect doesn't immediately appear, use the search field to find the right task.

  4. The relationships you've added to a task will now appear in the Relations widget in the task window.


Link Tasks Together using Relationships

Adding relationships between tasks also creates a link between tasks, allowing you to more easily navigate between related tasks. Related tasks are visible in the Relations widget on the right side of any task window

To navigate to a related task, click the name of the task you'd like to jump to.


View Task Blockages on your Project Dashboard

If you have added a blocked/blocking relationship between two tasks, the blocked task will be marked by a red blocked sign.

In the project below, the task "New article released" is blocked, indicated by the red sign on its task tile.



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