Recurring Tasks

With this feature, you can set up recurring tasks automatically.

This allows you to:


  • Set up recurring tasks from a task.
  • Set up recurring tasks without a preexisting task.
  • Recurring task settings.
  • Remove a recurring task automation.
  • Recurring tasks using Zapier.
  • Recurring tasks using IFTTT.


Pro and Business users can use this feature.


How to Use Recurring Tasks


Recurring tasks in MeisterTask help you to schedule repeating tasks without the need to recreate them every time you need to work on them.


MeisterTask lets you create weekly, monthly and yearly recurring tasks to automate your workflow.


A recurring task is an automation, so normally this is created using MeisterTask’s Automations.


Set Up Recurring Tasks From a Task


  1. Open up the task you wish to have repeating.

  2. Click on the ellipses in the top right corner.

  3. Choose ‘Repeat’.

  4. Set the section it should appear in.

  5. Choose how often it should repeat (e.g. day, week, month, year) and what time of the day.
  6. Set the first time the recurring task should appear.

  7. Click on ‘Done’ to save your recurring task.


Set Up Recurring Task Without a Preexisting Task


  1. Click on the Arrow sign from one of the section headers.

  2. Select Automations.

  3. Click ‘+Add Automation’.

  4. Choose ‘Recurring Task’.
  5. Click on ‘+Add Template’.

  6. Decide the name, assignee, description, etc. for the recurring task, then click ‘Save template’.

  7. Set the section it should appear in.

  8. Choose how often it should repeat (e.g. day, week, month, year) and what time of the day.

  9. Set the first time the recurring task should appear.

  10. Click on ‘Done’ to save your recurring task.

Recurring Task Settings


Here we will describe some details that you can set for the recurring task automation. Once a task template has been created, the recurring task settings become available. You are then able to change in what section the recurring task will be created, define the frequency and the start date.




The Repeat option gives you the possibility to have the recurring task created on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


  • Weekly: The recurring task is created weekly or every 2 (or more) weeks, on the day(s) you select.
  • Monthly: The recurring task is created monthly or every 2 (or more) months, on the day you select.
  • Yearly: The recurring task is created yearly or every 2 (or more) years, on the day and month you select.



Recurring Tasks via Zapier


To set up weekly recurring tasks you can use this super handy template below


Please note

Please note that you will be asked to create a free Zapier account in order to use it.

To set up recurring tasks with other intervals simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on this link to sign up for Zapier
  2. In your Zapier dashboard, click the black Make a Zap button.

  3. Select ‘Schedule by Zapier’ as the trigger app and choose an interval (daily, weekly, monthly) for your recurring tasks.

  4. Next, select the time of day and choose whether new tasks should also be created on weekends. Then test the Zap.

  5. Select MeisterTask as your action app and choose the action Create task.

  6. Select the MeisterTask account you want to use for this action.

  7.  Select the project and section where your recurring tasks will be added. Write the name of the task (=task title) in the field underneath. Task notes (=task descriptions), assignees, due dates and custom fields are optional.

  8. Test your Zap and give it a name.


That's it! Once your Zap is activated Zapier will automatically create this task for you at your chosen interval. 


Recurring Tasks via IFTTT


To set up recurring tasks using IFTTT, create a free account on the site, then follow the instructions outlined in the video below:



If you’re still having trouble…






Vincent Rabl


How do I stop a recurring tasks? I want to delete them, but they always get created again.


Nikola Oberländerová

Hi @Vincent Rabl, just deleting the task with the automation in it will have no effect. A recurring task needs to be deleted exactly where it was set up - in Automations. If you need our assistance, please contact us directly via Best, Nikola