Quick Switcher

Press CMD+K (or CTRL+K if you’re on Windows) to open the Quick Switcher. Use it from your dashboard to quickly access your projects or while in a project to quickly access tasks from the respective project.


Quick Switcher from the Dashboard

If you have a lot of projects and you do not want to look through them you can search for the project name using the Quick Switcher. Press CMD+K (or CTRL+K if you’re on Windows) and search for the project name then use the arrow keys or select the project name to access it.



Quick Switcher from within a Project

At times, you can have projects with a lot of tasks in them. You can use Quick Switcher to search for tasks and access them faster. You can use CMD+K (or CTRL+K if you’re on Windows) and search for tasks from the project you are viewing.


You can also use Quick Switcher to quickly access the last 3 tasks you opened: 


Tip: Use the shortcut CMD+SHIFT+K to open MeisterTask's Search instead.