The My Tasks Widget

This feature is available to all users

Use the My Tasks widget in the top-right corner of your Dashboard to quickly view your most pressing tasks and to-dos.

What is the My Tasks Widget?


The My Tasks widget is a customizable section of your Dashboard which displays all of your most important tasks and to-dos.

It includes:

  • All tasks which have been assigned to you from every project you are a member of
  • A personal checklist where you can keep track of any other to-do's or action items you need to complete.


You can open the My Tasks widget by clicking the checkmark icon in the top-right corner of your Dashboard.

Customize Your My Tasks Widget

You can customize your My Tasks Widget by:


  • Sorting your assigned tasks by Due Date, Name or Project
  • Enabling or disabling your personal checklist


To customize the My Tasks Widget, click the small arrow next to the My Tasks header. Choose your desired options from the drop-down menu:


Add a Personalized Checklist to Your My Tasks Widget

Use the personal checklist included on your My Tasks widget to keep track of any other action items or personal to-dos you need to complete. To create your checklist:


  1. Open the My Tasks widget.
  2. Click + Add... to add items to your checklist.
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. Once you've finished a checklist item, click the circle icon cross it off your list.

You can rearrange, delete, or create tasks out of My Task checklist items just as you would with a regular in-task checklist. For more information, click here.

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