Troubleshooting Payment Issues

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“Payment issues”
can be anything that stops you from paying for your product. If you cannot complete a payment, find a relevant section below and follow the steps. If you're still having trouble, be sure to reach out to us at MeisterTask support!

I’m Stuck At the “I’m Not a Robot” Stage  

The “I’m not a robot” field helps us to stop unwanted payments from your card. If you cannot pass this stage: 


  1. Clear the cache and erase cookies in your browser. The help section for your browser will provide detailed instructions. Then, attempt the payment again.
  2. Use a different browser or switch to private browsing (incognito mode for Google Chrome). Then, attempt the payment again. 

If you still cannot proceed, contact MindMeister Support or MeisterTask Support for help.  

I Get an Error Notification When I Try to Pay

Error notifications can appear when your browser or system has a problem while processing an action, including payments. 

If you receive an error notification: 


  1. Read the notification carefully and follow any suggested steps. 
  2. Attempt the payment again. 
  3. Try with another payment method.

IMPORTANT: Stop attempting payments if you are unsure whether your payment was processed, or if you repeatedly receive the same error notification. In either case, contact MindMeister Support or MeisterTask Support for help.  

I can’t complete a mobile payment.

Mobile payments are processed by the service from which you downloaded the app: GooglePlay (for Android) or Apple (for iOS). 

If you cannot pay via mobile, contact Google or Apple for further information.

If you cannot find instructions that match your problem, contact MindMeister Support or MeisterTask Support for help.  

International Payment Issues

If you are experiencing difficulty paying from outside the United States or Germany, we kindly suggest making sure that your credit/debit card has been activated for international purchases. 

Important notice for users in Latin America

Please note that this means that we, unfortunately, don't accept cards such as Hiper or Elo.

3D Secure Error

The 3D secure error message appears when there is an issue with your card or bank account. Please reach out to your bank to resolve this issue.

Still having trouble?

Contact our Support team here.


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