This article describes how to use the Agenda feature, which requires a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account. As a Basic user, you can use the FOCUS section on Agenda. 

See this comparison chart that outlines MeisterTask's plans and prices for more information. 



Agenda is a personal, private board, individual to each user. Tasks from any project can be pinned to the customizable sections on the agenda.

You can find Agenda in the left panel under Dashboard. If Agenda does not appear immediately, create a new project to trigger its appearance. 

To open the Agenda from anywhere in MeisterTask, press Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) + shift + O.




To create a section, click the plus to the right of the focus section. 


To change the color of a section, hover over the section header, click the arrow that appears, and select a new color.


To move a section, click then drag the section header. 

To delete a section, hover over the section header, click the arrow that appears, then click delete. 



Task Feed

The leftmost section on the agenda shows suggestions of tasks you might like to pin to your agenda. Click on the arrow in the header to choose between tasks assigned to you or recent tasks. 

If you choose assigned to me, you can sort the tasks by due date, name or project. 


If you choose recent tasks, the task feed will display tasks recently modified on which you are either a watcher or the assignee.

To collapse or re-open the task feed, click the button above the task feed header. 



Pin Tasks

There are two ways to pin tasks to your agenda:

  • You can drag and drop them from the task feed to the various sections on your agenda. 


  • You can pin them directly in the task dialogue. To do this, open a task, click the pin button, and then select the desired section from the drop-down menu. 



Remove Tasks

There are two ways to remove tasks from your agenda:

  • You can drag a task from a section to the space above the agenda. 


  • You can re-click the section name in the drop-down menu of the task dialogue. 


If you want to know more about getting the most out of Agenda, read our blog article.

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