Using MeisterTask's Agenda

This feature is available to Pro and Business users

is an individualized private dashboard which allows you to track tasks from many different projects in one centralized place.

What is Agenda?

Agenda is an individualized private dashboard which allows you to keep track of tasks from many different projects in one centralized place.

Your Agenda can be easily accessed via the pin icon on the left side-bar of the MeisterTask Dashboard. Create an Agenda that works for you in two easy steps:


  1. Add sections to your Agenda and arrange them in a way which suits your needs. 
  2. Pin tasks from any project to your Agenda sections.

In contrast to project boards, your Agenda is completely private. No one else can see your Agenda or view which tasks you've pinned to it.

Customize your Agenda Sections

You can customize your Agenda by renaming, arranging and changing the color of your sections. 


  • Rename an existing section by clicking the name on the section header and directly editing the text.
  • Rearrange your sections by clicking and dragging the section header.
  • Change a section's color by hovering your mouse over the section header and selecting the arrow to access the drop-down menu.
  • Sort the tasks in each section by hovering your mouse over the section header and selecting the downwards arrow to access the drop-down menu. 

AGENDA 1.gif


By default, MeisterTask's Agenda contains three sections: To Reply, Upcoming and Waiting For. Don't be afraid to be creative and customize your sections to suit your needs. You may want to sort your sections by category, due date or even create a section for each day of the week!


The FOCUS column cannot be customized.

Add/Delete Agenda Sections

To add a new section to your Agenda, scroll to the right of your Agenda and click the icon.

To delete a section from your Agenda, hover your mouse over the section header, click the small arrow and select Delete from the drop-down menu.

agenda 2.gif


The FOCUS column cannot be deleted.

Pin Tasks to your Agenda

There are two ways to pin a task to your agenda:


  1. While viewing a project, open any task and click the pin icon in the upper-right hand corner of the task window. You can then select which section you'd like this task to be pinned to.


  2. While viewing your Agenda, you can pin a task by dragging and dropping a task from the Task Feed to any section of your agenda.

    The Task Feed

    The Task Feed is the leftmost section on your Agenda. It shows suggestions of tasks you might like to pin. You can click on the arrow in the header to choose between tasks assigned to you or recent tasks.


Remove a Pinned Task from your Agenda

There are two ways to remove a pinned task from your Agenda:


  1. While viewing a project, click on a pinned task to open the task window. Select the pin icon to open a drop-down menu, then select remove pin.

  2. While viewing your Agenda, you can drag and drop a pinned task to the area above the Agenda to remove the pin.


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