Format Text in MeisterTask

This feature is available to all users

You can format plain text in MeisterTask using Markdown, a common markup language. See below for an extensive list of formatting commands.

Markdown Formatting Key

To achieve the desired Text Style (left), enter the corresponding Markdown Text (right).

Text Style

Markdown Text

Italic text *italic text* or _italic text_
Bold Text **bold text** or __bold text__
Strikethrough ~~This text will be struckthrough~~
Bullet Points

* Use asterisks

- Or dashes

Ordered lists

1. For ordered lists

2. Write

3. Like this

Horizontal line

Headline 1

#Headline 1

Headline 2

## Headline 2

Headline 3

### Headline 3
Indented Quotes
> Indented Quotes
Code Block ```Code Block``` 
Hyperlink [Hyperlink](link URL)
Add Image

![image title](image URL)



You can also access this list of formatting commands directly in MeisterTask. Simply click any description or comment field and select the Formatting link which appears.mceclip0.png

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