Use Case - Sales

With this article, you can learn how to use MeisterTask to manage your sales team. It includes: 


  • How to manage sections on the project board. 
  • How to manage tags in sales projects.


How to Use MeisterTask for Sales


With MeisterTask, everyone in your Sales team can gain a complete overview of the status of ongoing sales campaigns. Features such as Flowing Boards and Tags can help keep you organized and deliver your projects on time.


Create a Flowing Project Board


Your project board should represent your sales process, from lead generation to sale. Tasks (or leads) move from left to right across the board depending on their current status in the workflow.


In this project, each task represents a sales lead. The tasks are inserted initially in the New Leads section on the left. The other four sections (In Assessment, Waiting for Response, In Negotiation, Sold) correlate with the different stages of the sales funnel. 

Tasks move to the Sold section once the contract is signed, and stay there until the whole sale is completed. You may choose to archive completed sales tasks to declutter the project board.


Manage Tags


In sales projects, you can use tags to indicate the lead ranking. These are easily visible on the task tiles on the project board. Use_Case_Sales_3_2x.png



Tags are used to indicate the lead ranking.
A Lead - Highest ranking, hot lead
B Lead - Warm lead
C Lead - Cold lead


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