Use MeisterTask for Event Planning & Management

With this article, you can learn how to use MeisterTask for event planning and management. It includes: 


  • How to plan and manage events using MeisterTask.
  • How to manage sections on the project board. 
  • How to manage tags in event management projects.



How to Plan and Manage Events




Create a Static Project Board


Whether it’s a small wedding or a grand award ceremony, a good overview of your tasks is extremely important when it comes to organizing an event. 

We recommend using a static board. With this setup, the sections in your project are used to organize tasks by type rather than to show their status in a workflow. Once you have created your project:


  1. Create sections that divide the tasks by type (Marketing, Entertainment, Location etc.)
  2. Create tasks that clearly show the activity to be performed. Use checklists to split larger tasks into smaller to-dos.
  3. Set due dates that show when the task must be completed by. 
  4. Assign tasks to the relevant people for completion.


Manage Tags


In event management projects, you can use tags to indicate the type of task that will be performed. These are easily visible on the task tiles on the project board. Examples include:


  1. Organize: A general description that includes research, communication and making appointments.
  2. Order: Includes all types of purchases.
  3. Meeting: Meetings with both team members and external entities.
  4. Design: All (graphic) design related tasks.



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