Time Tracking

Time Tracking is available to all users
Certain export functionalities are more limited in MeisterTask Basic (See below)

Use Time Tracking to keep track of the time you and your team members have spent working on specific tasks.

Enable/Disable Time Tracking

  1. Click the project name at the top of your project board, then select Project settings.
  2. Navigate to the Power-Ups tab.
  3. Enable/Disable Time Tracking


Start/Stop Tracking your Time

Time tracking in MeisterTask is based on the time you and your teammates have spent working on individual tasks. To begin tracking your time:

  1. Click on the task you'd like to track time for to open the task window.
  2.  You'll see the time tracking Widget in the top-right corner of the task window. Click the start (play) button to begin tracking your time.
  3. Once time tracking has begun, the play button will change into a red stop button. Click on this button to stop tracking your time.


  4. While your time is being tracked, the stopwatch icon at the top of your project will change into a red stop button and timer. Click on the timer to see the current and recent tasks on which you've tracked time.

Background Time Tracking

Once started, time tracking runs continuously in the background. To remind you that your time is being tracked, a red stopwatch and timer will appear on the project dashboard and the task you're currently working on.

View Individual Team Members' Time Slips

The time you and your teammates have spent working on a task are logged in time slips.

Transparent Time Tracking

You and your teammate's time slips can be openly viewed by everyone in your team. Note, however, that you can only edit your own time slips.

To view time slips, click the time tracking widget in the top-right corner of the task window:ezgif.com-gif-maker__27_.gif

In the following window, you'll see your time slips visualised in a simple diagram showing your team's work over the past week:


  1. Your own tracked time is shown in red in the diagram, while the tracked time of other members in your team is shown in gray.
  2. Below the diagram, you can see your teammate's total time worked. Click on a teammate's name to view their time slips in more detail. 

You can find an overview of your team's tracked time in the Time Tracking area.

Please note: The Time Tracking area is only available to Pro and Business users. Be sure to log in before clicking the above link.

Manually Add/Edit your Time Slips

By manually editing and adding time slips, you can adjust the amount of time you've logged working.


  1. Click on the task you'd like to work on to open the task window.
  2. Click the time tracking widget in the top-right corner of the task window.
  3. Select your own name from the list of teammates below the diagram.
  4. Click one of your listed time slips to edit the amount of time you worked.
  5. You can also select Add Interval to add a new time slip.
  6. Once you've entered your changes, select Save to permanently alter your time slip.



You can only edit or add to your own time slips.

View Data on Your Team's Tracked Time

You can access a data-driven overview of the time your team has spent working on specific projects in the time-tracking area. To access this feature:


  1. Open any project (or the MeisterTask dashboard).
  2. Click the clock icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Click Show all.
  4. In the next window, you'll see a line graph or table displaying data on your team's tracked time (as aggregated on a daily basis).
  5. Click the toolbars above your chart to filter data by project, time frame or task-assignee.
  6. Below the chart, you'll see your team's top active users and most worked-on tasks.


Export Time Tracking Data

To export data on your team's tracked time:


  1. Click the project name at the top of your project board.
  2. Select Export time tracking.
  3. Choose the format in which you'd like to download your data and click download.


Data on your team members' tracked time can be exported into two formats:

  • A format compatible with Harvest

  • A CSV Format compatible with Excel and other time trackers (only available to paid users)

Task Statuses

In the CSV format, task statuses (Completed, Open, Trashed, or Archived) are indicated by a number:


  • 1: Open
  • 2: Completed
  • 8: Binned
  • 16: Archived


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