PomoDone App

PomoDone is a time tracking app that integrates with MeisterTask and lets you track the time you spend on tasks using the popular Pomodoro technique. The tracked time is then also synchronized back to MeisterTask.


Connect PomoDone with MeisterTask

  1. Create a PomoDone account. To make use of the integration with MeisterTask, you will need to be at least on their Lite plan. You can get a free 14-day trial for the Lite plan via this link.
  2. Log into your PomoDone account online and connect your MeisterTask account with it. To do this, first select the MeisterTask icon from the list of task managers in PomoDone.
  3. Authorize the app to access your MeisterTask account.
  4. Select which MeisterTask projects you would like to track in the PomoDone App. In this step you can also select specific tags for each project and choose whether you want to sync task completion back to MeisterTask.
  5. Once you’ve selected all projects you’d like to sync, open your PomoDone desktop or web app and sync it until you see all your MeisterTask projects and tasks in the app. Choose the task you’d like to work on, and start the timer.



Open PomoDone’s app settings to change the length of your pomodoros and breaks, customize sounds and more.


More instructions can be found on the PomoDone blog.



This integration was created by the PomoDone team. Please contact them directly for details and support.