MeisterTask Basic, Pro and Business Features

This article outlines the features available in the following plans: 

  • MeisterTask Basic
  • MeisterTask Pro 
  • MeisterTask Business

MeisterTask Enterprise is a plan that allows larger organizations to tailor their MeisterTask offer and access special features. Contact Sales for more information. 


Basic Plan Features

In the Basic plan, you can:

  • Access up to three projects at a given time.
  • Add checklists, comments, tags and time tracking on tasks.
  • Create limited integrations with Harvest, iCal or other apps via Zapier. 
  • Attach files (limited to 20MB per file).


This video explains MeisterTask’s Basic plan features.


Pro Plan Features

In addition to accessing features included in the Basic plan, Pro plan users can:

  • Create and access unlimited projects.
  • Create unlimited automations.
  • Configure unlimited integrations with tools that connect natively to MeisterTask or 2000+ apps via Zapier. 
  • Receive priority email support.
  • Create selected reports based on project data.
  • Create project groups.
  • Create multiple checklists within a single task, which can be preloaded automatically.
  • Upload custom background images or select a background from the Unsplash library.


This short video explains MeisterTask’s Pro plan features.


In addition to accessing features included in the Basic and Pro plans, Business plan users can:

  • Schedule tasks using Timeline.
  • Receive priority email and phone support.
  • Create custom fields in their projects.
  • Assign roles and permissions to team members.
  • Enjoy full access to the Reports feature. 
  • Designate multiple team administrators to manage your team.
  • Make projects accessible to your entire team, so members can join without invites.
  • Create groups within your team to share projects with them all at once.
  • Export compliance and activity reports.
  • Implement security permissions that restrict access to selected functionality for designated team members.


This video explains MeisterTask’s Business plan features and details how Business users can manage tasks in MeisterTask. 


Hints and Tips

Learn more about MeisterTask Pro and MeisterTask Business from our help center.

You can also view a complete feature comparison table of all plans.


If you’re still having trouble…

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