Create Tasks by Email

This feature is available to all users

You can create tasks in your project directly from your email inbox by sending an email to the unique email address associated with a section in your project.



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Create a Task via Email

Every email you send to your project section's unique email address will immediately become a task.


  • The Subject of your email will become the Task Name.
  • The Body of your email will become the Task Description.
  • Any Attachments to your email will be included as Attachments to your new task.
  • To add Tags to your tasks, simply add them as words with hashtags (#) at the beginning of your email. Multiple tags can be separated by a space (i.e. #priority1 #marketing).



Where Should I Send My Task-Creation Email?

Each section of your project is associated with a unique email address. By sending an email to this address, you can create a task. To view a section's unique Email:


  1. From the project dashboard, hover your mouse over the section header of the section you'd like to add a task to.
  2. Click the expand arrow which appears.
  3. Select Automations from the drop-down menu.
  4. At the bottom of the Automations Dialog, you will find the email address associated with this particular section.
  5. Click on this email address to copy it to your clipboard.

You might find it convenient to save your section's unique email as a contact in your email address book (i.e. "Project Name/Section"). This way, you can add new tasks to your project quickly and easily.

Privacy and Data Security

Task-creation email addresses are always associated with a MeiserTask user account. As soon as a user is removed from a project team, their unique email address will immediately stop working and they will be unable to create tasks in this project.


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