How do I cancel my subscription or close my account?

These features are available to all individual users

As an individual user of MeisterTask, you can cancel your subscription or close your account in the Accounts page.

This article is geared towards individual users of MeisterTask. If you're a member of a MeisterTask Team and would like to manage your team's subscription and licenses, visit our dedicated article here.

Cancel Your Subscription (Web)

You can cancel your subscription to MeisterTask at the bottom of the Plan section in the accounts page. Canceling your subscription will downgrade your license to the free Basic plan at the end of your current license period.


  1. Click your user avatar in the top-right corner of the MeisterTask interface.
  2. Select Account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Plans on the left side of the page.
  4. Scroll down to the MeisterTask section.
  5. Click cancel your subscription.

  6. Click downgrade in the next window to confirm your decision. Your cancelation will take effect at the end of the current license period. 

To find out more about managing your billing and payment information, visit our dedicated help center article here.

Cancel Your Subscription (iOS and Android)

Subscriptions and trials entered into via the iOS app or the Google PlayStore are directly managed by iTunes and the Google PlayStore.

To learn how to cancel your iOS subscriptions, visit this article in Apple's help center.

To learn how to cancel a subscription purchased from the Google PlayStore, visit this article in the Google Play Help Center.

Close your Meister Account

To completely close your account, you’ll first need to cancel your subscription to all Meister Products (see above). After you’ve cancelled your subscriptions, the link to close your account can be found at the bottom of the Plans section in Accounts.



Closing your Meister Account will affect your subscriptions to all Meister products (i.e. MeisterTask and MindMeister).

Want To Close Your Account From Your iOS Device? 

Check out this article.

If you have a dedicated Success Manager and would like to cancel your contract, please reach out to our Accounts team.

If you don't have a dedicated Manager and are having trouble cancelling your subscription, reach out to MeisterTask Support.

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