Manage Project Sections

Most of these features are available to all users.

Only Pro and Business users can collapse sections and use automations.


In MeisterTask, projects are divided into vertical columns called sections. Read on to learn how to customize and manage sections in your project.

Create, Rename and Reorder Project Sections

1) Create a new section:

To create a new section, hover your mouse between two section headers and click the (+) which appears. Then type a name for your new section and press Enter.


2) Rename a section:

To rename a section in your project, click the section's title.


3) Reorder sections:

To reorder your project sections, click the section's icon and drag the section to a new location in your project.  


Reorder Tasks Within a Section

You can quickly sort and reorder all tasks within an project section based on one of the following criteria:

  • Name (alphabetical order)
  • Assignee
  • Creation Date
  • Due Date
  • Tags
  • Status

To sort/reorder tasks:


  1. Hover your mouse over the section's header.
  2. Click the ellipsis (...).
  3. Select Sort section from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose whether to sort tasks in this column by name, due date, assignee, or one of the other available parameters.


Please note:

Dragging and dropping tasks to change their order will override the order you select in this dialog. This means that new tasks added to the section will not be automatically sorted according to the order you’ve selected.

Change the Appearance of a Section

You can change the color and icon of any section in your project:


  1. Click the section's icon.
  2. Select a new color and icon for your section from the pop-up menu.


Collapse/Expand Sections

If your project board gets too crowded, you can collapse (minimize) sections to free up space. To collapse a section, double-click on the section header.

To expand a collapsed section, hover your mouse over the section icon and click the expand arrows which appear:


Set a Task Limit (WIP Limit)

Set task limits (Work In Progress Limits) to get notified as soon as the number of tasks in a section reaches a specified amount. Setting task limits in a Kanban board allows you to easily identify inefficiencies in your workflow, helping you keep tasks moving forward. To set a task limit for a section:


  1. Hover your mouse over the section's header.
  2. Click the ellipsis (...).
  3. Enter a numerical task limit in the text field next to Limit tasks in section to:




If the task limit is exceeded, a warning sign will be displayed in the section header: WIPLimitExceeded_2x.png

Additional Options

Hover your mouse over a section's header and click the ellipsis to access additional actions. Aside from ordering tasks within the section and collapsing the section, you can also:

  • Delete the section
  • Complete all tasks within the section
  • Archive all completed tasks within the section
  • Print the section



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