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This feature is available to all users

The comments section at the bottom of the task window offers a place for team members to communicate with each other and share information on task progress.



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What Are Task Comments?


Team members can communicate with one other and share ideas by writing in the comments section at the bottom of the task window.

Add comments to exchange ideas, link to attachments, and alert other team members to important information by mentioning them.


The Task Activity Feed

By default, the lower part of the task window shows a change log of all updates made to a task, including status updates, checklist updates and comments.


You can change this setting to only display user comments by clicking the small arrow next to the Activity header and selecting Conversations from the drop-down menu.



Add Comments to Tasks 

To add a new comment, begin typing in the Add Comment field located in the lower half of the task window. Press Enter when finished. 


Formatting Text

You can format text in your comments by using Markdown, a common markup language. To learn more, click here to visit our dedicated article.


Reply or React to Team Members' Comments

To reply or add a reaction to another comment, hover your mouse over the comment and select either the reply icon or the emoji icon.





Edit/Delete Comments

To edit or delete a comment, hover your mouse over the text in your comment and click the small arrow which appears. Select your desired action from the drop-down menu.




Use Mentions in Comments

Use the @ key to mention other team members in a comment. The mentioned user will receive a notification and be alerted to your message. To mention another user:


  1. Create a new comment (see above) or edit an existing one.
  2. Type @, then select the user you'd like to mention from the drop-down menu.
  3. Press ENTER.




Share Attachments in Comments 

You can link to and share important attachments by mentioning them with the / key. To mention an attachment:


  1. Create a new comment (see above) or edit an existing one.
  2. Type / , followed by the attachment you'd like to mention.
  3. Press ENTER.



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