Projects visible for your Team

Who can use this: Business users

If you are part of a team with a Business subscription when you create a new project you have the possibility to either keep the project private and only invite the people you want or you can make the project visible for the whole team you are part of so they can join when they want.


Create a New Project Visible for Your Team

    1. On the MeisterTask dashboard click the (+) sign beside Projects and select New Project.
    2. In the new dialog, the last option at the bottom is Make this project visible to, click the small arrow.
    3. Select the option Everybody in the team.







The members from the team are able to see the projects that are shared from the Dashboard, click the Arrow icon beside Projects and select Team Projects.


In the Team Projects, you can see all Projects that are shared with the whole team. Hover over any team projects that you haven't joined, and a "Join" button will appear. Click the Join button to join any team projects you want to work on.



Change Project to Visible for the Whole Team

If you already created a project and you want to make it visible for the whole team you can do this from the Project Properties. Access the Project and click the ( i ) button in the top bar then select Project Properties.

  1. Click the drop down menu next to "Make this project visible to"
  2. Click the small arrow to switch from Project members only to Everybody in the team.