Hangouts Chat

The MeisterTask bot is a nifty little helper that lets you link projects in your MeisterTask account with individual rooms in Hangouts Chat. Once you’ve linked a project with a room, you can create new tasks in the room via simple text commands. The new tasks are automatically inserted in the leftmost section of the connected project board.

Take a look at the short demo video we’ve prepared for you, or follow the instructions below:


  1. Open Chat in your browser, at, and sign in with your Google account.
  2. At the top left, click + Find people, rooms, bots and then select Message a Bot from the dropdown menu.
  3. Search for ‘MeisterTask’, and click Message once the bot appears in the suggestions. This will open a new private conversation with the MeisterTask bot.
  4. If you haven’t already connected your MeisterTask and Google accounts, click on the link provided by the bot to do so now.
  5. Open a room you’d like to link your MeisterTask project with, then use the room’s input field at the bottom to type in your command to the MeisterTask bot.

To link the room with a specific MeisterTask project, type the following command, then press ENTER:

@MeisterTask link 



To get the URL of a project, open the project in MeisterTask’s web app and copy the URL displayed in your browser’s address bar.

As soon as the MeisterTask bot has confirmed the link, you’re ready to create tasks. To create a task, use the following command:

@MeisterTask add 


The MeisterTask bot will confirm the successful creation of the new task once you’ve pressed ENTER.

Click on the blue link to open the task in MeisterTask and add more details to it right away, or stay in the room and continue your conversation. You can add details to the task at a later point in time.