Purchasing Additional Licenses

With this article, you can learn how to purchase additional licenses for your team. This allows you to:


  • Purchase multiple licenses to create a team.
  • Purchase additional licenses to create/expand your team.


Mobile licenses

If you are purchasing licenses over mobile, it will not be possible to purchase more than 1 license as our mobile devices does not support team functionalities. If you are currently on a mobile subscription and wish to purchase additional license, reach out to Support here.


How to Add More Users to Your Team


  1. Use this link to get to your subscription page: Subscription.
  2. Click Change.

  3. Click Need more users?

  4. Choose how many users your team should have. If you already have 3 users and need 2 more, set the count to 5, rather than 2.

  5. Review the new invoice. The price for the additional users will be shown at the bottom.

  6. Press Update to complete your purchase.


When you purchase additional licenses in the middle of your license period, you will only pay for the additional users for the months until your existing license is set to renew. This makes the price lower than it would be for a yearly license. On the date of the renewal, you will get an invoice for all users for the entire year.


Purchase Additional Licenses When You Upgrade from Basic


If you decide to upgrade from MeisterTask Basic to a paid plan, you can purchase multiple licenses at the same time. To do this:


  1. Use this link to get to your subscription page: Subscription.
  2. Click Upgrade Now.

  3. Choose the preferred subscription type..

  4. In the dropdown, choose how many users your team should have.

  5. Review the invoice and add a billing address if necessary (recommended for corporate invoices).

  6. Click Continue. Then, add your payment details and complete the payment.



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