Appearance Settings

MeisterTask offers lots of customization options that let you adjust the appearance of your dashboard and project boards.


Optimize the Appearance of Your Projects

To edit your appearance settings, click on your Avatar Icon in the upper right corner of your screen and select Preferences from the dropdown menu. In the Preferences dialog, switch to Appearance.

Here, you can adjust the width of your sections, decide how much information should be displayed in the task tiles, and much more.


If you're working on a small screen or are dealing with projects that contain a lot of sections and tasks, you might want to set the section width to small, and only show the most essential task details:


If space is not an issue and you want to see as much information as possible when looking at your project boards, then you can choose to display inline thumbnails, task descriptions and more. Here's the same project board as shown above, but this time the section width was set to large, and all task-related infos are shown:



Change the Project Background

While your appearance settings are personal and only apply to your own account, the project background is seen by all project members, so be mindful when uploading images!

To change the project background, click the ( i ) button in the top bar of the project and select Change Background from the menu. You can select a solid background color, choose one of the images from our library, or, as a Pro or Business user of MeisterTask, simply upload your own image.



Change Your Dashboard Background

In contrast to project backgrounds, the image displayed on your dashboard is visible only to yourself, so feel free to upload whatever you like! To do this, simply go to your dashboard and click the Customize... button.

Again, you can select a solid background color, choose an image from our library or upload your own image file. You can also choose to have a random image displayed (which changes with every refresh).




From the Customize... button, you can also remove the Quote and Welcome message from your MeisterTask Dashboard

Hide Notifications, My Tasks or Time Tracking

On your MeisterTask Dashboard, the content of the Notifications, My Tasks or Time Tracking can be shown/hidden if you click on their respective icons in the top right side.